A to B Program

Your One Drill to Better Golf

For Golfers who want Consistency, Power and Control with an easy to learn, body friendly orthodox golf swing. This program will remove confusion about how to become a better golfer and allow you to really enjoy the game.


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A Ready to Go Proven Golf Program that's helped tens of thousands of Golfers

The A to B Drill program is designed to build your golf swing to one with which you can play golf with lots of consistency, power, control and a body friendly swing. The more you do the drills you’ll find the less you think. Good golf will be a lot more fun, and good golf will become easy.

But what I would really like to emphasise here is be consistent with the drill building because as you build the drill, you’ll build the skill, and that will make it much easier for you to go out there and play golf without thinking golf swing.

  • You’ll be able to play with rhythm, balance and tempo.
  • You’ll be able to play with strategy.
  • You’ll be able to focus in an effortless way.

If you struggle to hit the ball with consistency or power and spend too much time looking for your golf ball then we can help you with this eBook program.

The more you do the A to B Drill the better you will get, and you will really "Enjoy the Hit!".


Peter Croker

Introducing the Proven

A to B Your One Drill to Better Golf

The Best Way to Improve Your Golf Online and on the Course

In this eBook Program you will receive the exact steps it takes to deliver a consistent direct strike into the golf ball.


The program comes in 18 easy to follow sections each designed to coach you step by step with no missing pieces.


There are 27 simple to follow videos to ensure you understand how to do the drill with precision.


We have also included a section of videos from our world class coaches giving their input on how to do the drill and their insights which are very useful to hear the drill explained from a slightly different angle.


This drill has taken several hundred hours to create and years of refinement through coaching experience of everyday golfers to find the exact formula that works.


The drill was originally featured on the cover of Golf Digest for the purpose of freeing the golfer up, and is now at a level of precision designed to give you greater consistency and power in your ball contact and direction.


  • Simplicity

    An orthodox golf swing from start to finish - enabling you to deliver the club on a direct path to the ball for solid compression and a balanced finish.

  • Consistency

    Allows you to strike the ball consistently in the middle of the clubface producing greater distance control and direction.

  • Body Friendly

    Minimum stress on the back, muscles, tendons and joints allowing for a lifetime of golfing enjoyment. This program is for golfers of all body types and strengths.

  • Power

    The program delivers the correct direction of the hit into the ball which produces

    greater clubhead speed and compression into the golf ball resulting in longer shots with greater distance.

Peter has once again gone back to the simplest foundation of the most important part of the swing- your approach to the ball!  Getting from A to B will simplify your game, keep your back healthy, and leave a smile on your face round after round!  The “explanations” Peter gives of the swing and how simplistic it is are fantastic! Players get better AND stay healthy!

Joe Hallett

Coach to Stacey Lewis
Past Director of Intructions PGA Learning Center

This Program is Guaranteed to Put You on the Path to Better Golf

Take a quick tour around A to B Drill Program

The Concepts

The A to B Drill is designed to produce solid compression with directional control of the golf ball

  •  Golf & the Sledgehammer
  •  Golf as a 2 Target Game
  •  A to B Concept Summary

A to B Drill Mechanics

How educated hands control the club, arms and body

  • The effect on the body of the A to B Drill
  • A to B Drill for solid compression
  • Left Hand Release
  • Follow Through & Finish

Building the Backswing

How to get to the perfect top of the backswing position to deliver the clubhead from A to B

  • Low and Slow Takeaway
  • Clipping the Coin
  • The Backswing as a Back Sling

Clubshaft and Hand Alignments

Here you will discover how the hands and arms align with the clubshaft to deliver the correct path in the A to B Drill

  • Left Hand and Arm Alignment
  • Right Hand and Arm Alignment
  • The A to B Path Line

Developing the Feel

In this section you learn how to stop thinking about the mechanics of the swing and truly enjoy the hit.

  • The Forward Press
  • The Pre-Shot Routine
  • Rhythm of the Swing
  • The Butterfly for Feel

Fixes and Woods

Discover how to fix your problem shots and apply the A to B Drill to the Woods

  • Fixing the Right Shot Slice and Push
  • Fixing the Left Shot Hook and Pull
  • A to B and The Driver
  • A to B and The Fairway Woods


Video Lessons


Bonus Video Modules


Training Modules


Support Group

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Meet Your Coach

Peter Croker
Founder of The Croker Golf System and World Renowned Golf Coach and Educator


For the past 45 years Peter Croker has dedicated his life to understanding the great game of golf, firstly as a touring professional and then as a PGA golf coach. 


His students have included prime ministers, golfing greats and multiple PGA Teachers of the Year.

  • PGA Teacher of the Year in Victoria Australia

  • Runner-Up in the Australian PGA Championship 1976

  • Cover Story of Golf Digest 1995 and has written 3 best selling golf instruction books

  • Coached Notable Tour Players Peter Thomson, Seve Ballesteros, Bob Charles, Vijay Singh, Ian Baker Finch, Wayne Grady, Arnold Palmer, David Graham, Debbie Austin, Peggy Kirk Bell and many others

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